Update on 2024 Fees

Published Fri 05 Jan 2024

Hockey New South Wales (HNSW) have announced the fees for HNSW and Hockey Australia (HA) for 2024*.
We have included the 2023 fees so that you can compare them.
*HNE have not yet announced their fees but we will let everyone know as soon as they are available.

2024 HA & HNSW Fees

2023 HA & HNSW Fees

Comparison (Adult Membership)
2023 - $54.50 (HA) + $114.27 (HNSW) = $168.77
2024 - $57.32 (HA) + $119.90 (HNSW) = $177.22
That's a change of $8.45 or 5% from last year.

ESC Membership Fees

Most importantly ESC fees will not be changing. We believe that our fees last year were the leastexpensive of any of the clubs in HNE and we are happy to continue that in 2024.

2024 ESC Fees

Adults:       New Member $30      Existing Members $0
Juniors:      New Member $20      Existing Members $0

ESC have been able to keep our fees low because of the support of our sponsors. Look out for theannouncement of our 2024 - 2026 sponsors very soon.

Remember if you have any questions about hockey in 2024 keep an eye on our Facebook page, website ( and for our emails leading up to the new season.


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